Diet and Wellbeing

There is research to suggest that eating a healthy balanced diet can make a real difference to not only our physical health, but also to our mental health and wellbeing.

Improving your diet may help to:

  • improve your mood
  • give you more energy
  • help you think more clearly

This week is both Mental Health Awareness and National Vegetarian Week, so we’ve pulled together a guide on where to find all the essentials for a balanced diet. Whether you’re going meat free, or just trying to eat healthier, there is plenty of choice around the Square to make clean eating simple.

If you’re going vegan or vegetarian, or simply trying to incorporate more plant-based food into your diet, Marks and Spencer has introduced an exciting range of plant-based foods. The Plant Kitchen range has over 50 flavour-packed choices, from speedy midweek suppers to lunch on the go.

But fear not, if you’re still enjoying a meat-inclusive diet, Marks and Spencer also has a wide range of balanced dishes, including a low-calorie range for you to enjoy. Why not try our favourite, Mushroom Stroganoff? A hearty, coconut cream-enriched mushroom stew paired with lightly spiced roasted cauliflower rice.

There’s a whole host of delicious dishes to choose from in the restaurants in Mell Square, including Tap and Tandoor’s Vegan Menu, which offers a Vegan Mixed Grill – a first for the Midlands – consisting of:

  • Sizzling Soya Tikka
  • Mouth-Watering Marinated Mushroom Bites
  • Appetising Aloo Tikki (potato cakes)
  • Delicious vegetable kebab

If you’re in need of some recipe inspiration, Sainsbury’s in Poplar Way has everything you need to add a little colour to your meals. Encouraging shoppers to ‘eat the rainbow’ and get their five-a-day, you’ll discover a wealth of recipes suitable for all diets in-store. From a vegan spaghetti carbonara with coconut ‘bacon’, to a slow-cooked beef chilli, nutritious meals needn’t be boring.

For a wide range of health foods, including supplements and alternatives, GrapeTree is the place to go. Specialising in natural wholesome products, whether you’re looking to add a little spice to your evening meal or find an alternative to your favourite chocolate, there’s something for everyone in-store in Poplar Way.

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