Kickstart 2020 as you mean to go on with énergie Fitness at Mell Square. Whether you’re a regular gym-goer, have never stepped foot in one, or are a looking to join somewhere new, the gym has something for everyone.

énergie Fitness is national award-winning club that prides itself on offering fantastic value membership, starting from just £24.99 per month. Its Mell Square gym is located on the Warwick Road, just above Loaf and House of Fraser, and there’s plenty of public car parks nearby.

From the moment you walk in, énergie Fitness feels different to any other gym. You’ll get a warm welcome from its friendly staff who are committed to supporting members in their fitness journey.

Then there’s the impressive facilities that you’d normally only find in the pricey gyms. énergie Fitness is home to state-of-the-art Precor cardio, resistance and free weight equipment, as well as innovative training zones and classes like bootcamp, Zumba and circuits.

The gym also has an exciting feature known as the ‘thé Yard’, énergie’s signature training concept that features punching bags, suspension trainers, slam balls, benches and more. Perfect for group workouts, thé Yard offers high-intensity classes and members can track their performance with MYZONE heart-rate monitors.

Above all else, énergie Fitness is about revolutions, not resolutions. It removes the barriers that get in the way of fitness goals and aims to help you stay energised, so you keep coming back week after week, year after year.

But how do you find a routine you enjoy? And where does a beginner even start? We spoke to gym manager, Jamie House, who answered all this and more, so you can get the most out of your time at the gym.

Top tips for getting motivated at the gym?

Start off by treating yourself to some new gym gear. Whatever you’re buying, make sure it’s sweat-wicking, breathable and most importantly – comfortable.

Next up, set yourself a goal. No matter how big or small it is, if you give yourself something to work towards you’ll feel more motivated on the gym floor and in classes. It also helps to have a gym buddy –you can both challenge each other and mix up your training sessions. Alternatively, if you need to be pushed a bit harder, a personal trainer is well worth the investment.

What’s your top piece of advice for a beginner?

Consistency is so important. Make sure that when you start a plan you stick with it. Get a notepad or an app and log your sessions. Over time you can chart your progress which is a great feeling.

Can you tell us more about the personal trainers at énergie Fitness?

Each of our personal trainers here at énergie Fitness Solihull have strengths in different areas of training, from muscle building and strength training to weight loss and body transformations – just to name a few.

Are there classes too? If so, how many do you have a per day/week?

We have over 35 classes a week starting at 6.30am and continuing throughout the day. There’s everything from Zumba and yoga through to kickboxing, bootcamp and ab attack. Check out our class timetable to see what’s available.

What gym membership packages does énergie Fitness offer?

We have two types of membership. The first is Classic, which is ideal if you like cardio and weight training. Or if you want unlimited classes to choose from like yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, spin, dance fit and legs, bums and tums, you’ll benefit from our WOW membership. As a WOW member of énergie Fitness, you can use all of our gyms and access Netflix (if you have an account) from our cardio machines. We also offer corporate discount for anybody who works in Solihull.

What is your favourite work-out regime and why?

I’m currently in a bulking phase and my training split is four days a week with weight training and different muscle groups for each session. My body reacts best to this training spilt and I find my rest days coordinate perfectly with the days I’m off work. I’ll normally train in the evening after finishing with personal training clients, as I’ll have had a few meals by then to fuel the workout.

To find out more or to join énergie Fitness, visit its website or call 01217259955.

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