Why Hotter is the right fit

Have your feet ever paid the price for wearing shoes you adore? Or have you had an occasion ruined when your shoes have caused you pain? Perhaps you can’t get to the bottom of why the size you’ve always worn just doesn’t quite feel right?

Hotter Shoes in Mell Square is on a mission to measure the Nation’s feet, starting with The Fit Event in March, where it’ll be providing stylish shoes that are the perfect fit.

The Hotter shoe sizing mission
The brand’s shoe collections come in four precise fittings, designed for your comfort and well-being, and are also available in half sizes. There are over 6,500 options in the Hotter collection, so once you’ve found a size that’s the perfect fit, you’ll be sure to find a pair you love and leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

Hotter Shoes understands finding the right shoe for you can be difficult, which is why its trained advisors are on hand to help measure your feet and guide you towards the size and width you need. There are three ways the team at Hotter can help you; using the online measuring tool, an in-store Footprint™ device or fitting service.

The Hotter Footprint
Hotter is currently rolling out an exciting new digital fitting service, The Hotter Footprint! These 3D scanners measure feet in just five second – all you have to do is step onto the platform and the Hotter footprint will do the rest.

This brand-new technology uses innovative digital measuring technology to create a 3D image of your feet, which will determine your size, fit and arch type with pinpoint accuracy. The fit experts at Hotter can use your 3D foot profile to find the shoes that suit your exact measurements, along with some recommended styles.

The benefits of having the right fit
Shoes that are too big or small can cause foot problems, anything from blisters to hammer toe, even bunions. Having the right fit can help to improve your walking ability and encourage a more active lifestyle. Different toe shapes and width fittings can also be missuited to your shoe size and shape, which is why The Hotter Footprint also guides you on which style shoes are best for you as well.

There’s so much more to shoes that what they look like, for instance, did you know laces are the most supportive of all fastenings because they help the shoe to hug the foot and support the ankle? Buckles are good for providing adjustment to suit each foot, while touch fastenings are the best way to secure your foot and prevent it from slipping.

Lots of people also wonder if they should wear an insole. The majority of Hotter Shoes have a removable insole which allows you to remove and replace it with an orthotic insole, or just clean it for hygiene purposes. Dual fit shoes have an insole under the top that can be removed to make the shoe deeper, giving it a wider fit.

The Fit Event
The list of options is endless, which is why the most important thing to remember when purchasing shoes is that they should be comfortable from the moment you try them on. To help with this, Hotter Shoes in Mell Square is hosting a Fit Event in March, so why not pop in and experience a free personalised fitting service? The Hotter experts will work with you on a one-to-one basis to determine your fit and shoe size and advise styles that suit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Find the perfect fit at Hotter.

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