For our latest Mell Meets we sat down with Anna, the founder of children’s concept store, MINIMINI to find out all about one of Mell Square’s latest arrivals.

For those who aren’t aware of MINIMINI, could you please tell us about the store?
MINIMINI is an independent kids concept store showcasing trend-led designer products for children. All our products are sourced from ethically and environmentally responsible brands from all around the world.
We love beautiful design, exceptional quality and all of the good that stands behind the production process.

Why did you start MINIMINI?
I founded MINIMINI with my husband Stephen in Summer 2017, while we were 6 months pregnant with our son Maxwell. We decided that we wouldn’t find out the sex of the baby and quite honestly shopping became the most boring experience possible!

That summer, while travelling on our baby moon around Europe, we discovered some truly beautiful and inspiring children’s boutiques – we then had this crazy idea to bring it all to the UK. On the plane back home, we put a business plan together and three weeks later we signed the lease for our first shop in Harborne.

Can you tell us why stocking sustainable and environmentally friendly products is so important to you?
Everyone wants to give their family the best. When looking into products for children and families, it is important to consider all the effects of the products used. There are brands that use harsh or toxic chemicals to make their product in the cheapest way possible, harming the planet and disregarding the safety and health of consumers. That’s why we promote sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Organic fabrics are softer and kinder to your children’s skin, as they don’t contain allergenic or toxic substances. Also, organic cotton farmers get a much better price for their crop and in turn live a happier life.

How do you choose which products to stock at MINIMINI?
We travel a lot and try our best to keep our eyes wide open. When we visit even the biggest children trade shows in the world, we always manage to get to know the people behind the brand we are interested in and make sure we understand how and where their products are made.

Most of all we are massive suckers for a beautiful design, so we genially pick things we fall in love with.

What are your top three products in the store right now?
It’s so hard to name three! It’s almost impossible as we really love every single product that gets to the shop. I am a huge fan of our clothing, especially the brand ‘Tiny Cottons’ who make garments from luxurious pima cotton. We both envy our son’s wardrobe.

Stephen loves Plan Toys – super clever and beautiful wooden toys from the most sustainable factory on the planet.

Why did you choose Mell Square as the location for your second store?
Solihull was always somewhere we came shopping and having moved to a more prominent location in Harborne High Street we’d seen the difference a good location can make to our business. We felt at home here and that MINIMINI would be a good fit with the local community.

With some recent changes, it’s clear that Mell Square has a vision to create a vibrant town centre and is keen to see independents flourish by giving people a reason to come to the Square that isn’t just for shopping. We feel privileged to be a part of this and who knows… maybe we will move here with our family soon.

To find out more, visit or search MINIMINI on Facebook and Instagram.

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