A spooky half-term at Mell Square

It may not be the half-term holiday or Halloween you had planned, but we’ve come up with some ideas to spark your child’s imagination…

Get creative

Saving on all things Halloween couldn’t be easier with Poundland at Mell Square. Everything is amazing value for money, and you can pick up decorations, toys and sweets for less. We love its range of party plates and cups – perfect for helping you style a spooky spread for your kids!

For creative kids who love making things, head to Poundland and discover all the materials needed for a Halloween masterpiece. The store in Poplar Way has Crayola felt sheets, tissue paper, coloured markers, stamps and much more. If your children want to channel their inner artists (or just get messy), you can also find paint and refillable brush sets for as little as £1.

Why not let kids make their own spooky Halloween costume face mask this year with these easy how-to instructions for a monster face mask:

Monster Face Mask


  • 1 sheet each felt in pink and white
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (adult supervision required)
  • 1 plain fabric face mask in black
  • Fluffy boa


  1. Cut a tongue shape (about 5” long and 2” wide) out of pink felt. Cut a 1” slit in the base of the tongue and overlap the two tabs slightly to make the tongue bend. Glue to the bottom edge of the mask so the tongue curls up and down.
  2. Cut teeth out of the white felt and glue them around the top and bottom edges of the mask so they’re pointing inward.
  3. While wearing the mask, cut lengths of fluffy boa long enough to go around the top and bottom of the mask. Remove the mask and glue the fluffy boa to the edges of the mask so the teeth are still visible. Make sure to glue the full length of each boa section on to the mask—stretch out the mask as you’re gluing—so that it can still stretch to fit the wearer. Hot glue isn’t flexible when dry, so add a dab on every inch or so of the boa to keep the mask flexible.


It’s play time

This October half-term, why not come along and play with your little one at Play Lane in Drury Arcade? Adults are welcome to join in the play or sit back and relax in the café whilst watching their children’s imaginations come to life in eight different role play areas, which include a police station, supermarket, vets, building site and even a boutique clothes store where children can enjoy playing dress up. The stay and play sessions are 90 minutes long and are available Monday-Friday, to book your place visit Play Lane’s website here.

If you’re in need of a bit of childfree time or fancy starting your Christmas shopping, then Play Lane is here to help with its ‘drop off to shop’ session. Here, its team of qualified staff run a fun-filled session where children can take part in crafts, stories and investigate new toys, as well as playing in the role play areas. To book a ‘drop off to shop’ session, please contact Steph on 07948074006 or email at info@play-lane.co.uk


One last treat…

Before you leave Mell Square, why not make a stop off at Costa? Not only will you find its delicious winter favourites including Cinnamon Spiced Cappuccino, Gingerbread and Cream, Black Forest and Cream and Gingerbread Latte and Cream, but Costa’s iconic ‘Walking Gingerbread’ is now in its scary bones Halloween outfit.

Fancy a bite to eat? Head over to our latest blog to discover the amazing food and drink hot spots here at Mell Square.

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