Keeping up-to-date with the latest interior trends can be a daunting task, but whether you set out to spend 2019 giving your home a refresh or you’ve started your big Spring clean and fancy a change, Mell Square has you covered. We caught up with some of our homeware retailers to bring you their top tips for creating a space you’ll love.

What key trends should we be looking out for in Spring Summer 2019?

Jason, Farrow and Ball: “This season is all about being bold. From your walls to your furniture, it’s about creating a simple statement. The use of feminine tones, predominantly led by dusky pinks featured alongside elements of bronze, as well as floral prints, whether that be in a fabric or a wallpaper.”

Kleopatra, Fired Earth: “Soft Scandi, for sure. This basically means using bolder colours and organic shapes to create balance and harmony within a space with round edges and irregular shapes taking the lead.”

Kate, Liv’s: “When we were buying in Paris, we noticed a couple of reoccurring themes. The first, Ibiza beach vibes, with warm corals, raw bleached wood and botanicals, complimented by earthy shades and natural materials. The second, opulence and maximalist glamour, featuring gorgeous golds, luxurious velvets and deco-inspired lighting.”

What are your top tips for incorporating the SS19 trends into your home on a budget?

Jason, Farrow and Ball: “Creating a simple statement can be easily done through the refurbishment of old furniture. This can be achieved by a brush of varnish and a touch of upholstering, or by giving the piece a new lease of life with a bold colour – it’s a great way to make a statement piece for your room.”

Kleopatra, Fired Earth: “Less is definitely more – be strategic when pulling together a design. For example, you could invest in high-quality tiles for features, such as a splashback, and use a simpler tile alongside it to create a bolder statement. Alternatively, keep it simple when it comes to colour schemes and use artwork to add character.”

Kate, Liv’s: “Decorating entire rooms can become quite expensive when you’re looking to follow trends, but sometimes it’s enough to just buy a couple of statement pieces or upcycle your existing furniture.”

Do you have any decorating tips you could share with us?

Jason, Farrow and Ball: “When approaching an interior project, there’s one key space people often forget to account for – the ceiling. Adding colours and texture to this forgotten space can really change the look and feel of a room.”

Kleopatra, Fired Earth: “For this season, it’s all in the detail. From brass and factory-inspired taps to a ‘mermaid’ geometric or a sophisticated white marble tile, it’s easy to create a simple, yet bold statement.”

Kate, Liv’s: “My favourite piece of decorating advice is to simply go for what you love! Don’t be afraid to inject your own personality into your space – after all, it’s you that’s got to love it. But also, be bold with your colours – not forgetting Liv’s top tip of always painting your radiator to avoid making it a feature (unless it’s a stylish one).

Are there any trends you’d like to see the back of this year?

Jason, Farrow and Ball: “Definitely the overuse of cool greys…In an attempt to create neutral spaces, people ended up with clinical, rather than cosy spaces. “

Kleopatra, Fired Earth: “Cold, clinical grey spaces as a result of cool-grey tones and synthetic and processed materials – go bold with colour and be inspired by nature.”

Kate, Liv’s: “Rose gold, but saying that I’ve seen a few schemes and decorative items on Pinterest recently that I love, so it just goes to show, it’s how you style it!”

From traditional style wallpapers and world-inspired tiles to comfy sofas and quirky soft furnishings, you’re sure to find it all at Mell Square. And with advice from a selection of our homeware stores, creating an on-trend space is easier than ever – visit the Square today to transform your home.

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